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Orifice Plates & Flange Assemblies Manufacturers

Orifice Plates & Flange Assemblies Manufacturers
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Product Code : OPFA-051
Brand Name : FLOWTECH
Product Description

Orifice Plates & Flange Assemblies Manufacturers: FOWTECH make ORIFICE FLANGE ASSEMBLIES are used for measuring flow of various Liquids, Gases & Steam from 2 to 32 line sizes. It gives an acceptable level of uncertainties at lowest cost and long life without regular maintenances. Orifice Plates are most commonly used as primary element for flow measurement in pipelines based upon the principle of measurement of Differential Pressure created when an obstruction is placed in the fluid flow, due to increase in fluid velocity. The orifice plate dimension is based on BS/ISO- 5167 specification.


When fluids is flowing from main pipeline. Orifice plate restricts the flow and develops the Differential Pressure which is proportional to the square root of the flow rate.


The traditional orifice flange assembly consists of a pair of flanges, orifice plate, bolts, nuts, gaskets, jacking screws and plugs, (where requested). The flanges are generally weld neck design, but other options are available, such as Slip-on and threaded.

Weld neck Orifice Flange Assemblies:

Weld neck orifice flanges are butt-welded into the pipeline. The inside diameter (or the schedule) of the pipe should be specified when ordering. Weld neck orifice flanges are available in classes 150,300 & 600. Raised face (RF) and ring type joint (RTJ) versions can be supplied. Bolt sizes, weights and important dimensions of orifice flange assemblies are shown in the following tables.