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Top Mounted Level Switch suppliers

Top Mounted Level Switch suppliers
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Product Code : TMLS-067
Brand Name : FLOWTECH
Product Description

The FLOWTECH make Top Mounting Level Switches offer the industrial user a wide choice of alarm and control configurations. Each unit utilizes a simple buoyancy principle and is well suited for simple or complex applications, such as foaming or surging liquids or agitated fluids, and usually costs less than other types of level switches.

Features :

  • Narrow or wide level ranges achieved through multiple switch mechanism capability.
  • Maximum process temperature : +260 C (500 F).
  • Maximum process pressure : 55,1 bar (800 psi).
  • S.G.as low as 0.4 kg/dm³.
  • Displacers adjustable at any point along the suspension cable.
  • Anti-surge design eliminates the possibility of switch short cycling.
  • Standard 3 m (10 ft) of suspension cable, included for all models.
  • Field adjustable set point and switch differential.
  • Wide choice of displacer materials.
  • Wide choice of housings and switch mechanisms.
  • Standard anti-corrosive protection.
  • Optional : - NACE construction
  • - Proof-er* ground check
  • - Floating roof models
  • - High pressure models.
  • - Models for interface.
  • 1Suited for SIL 2 loops (DPDT switch) (full FMEDA report available).

Application :

  • Foaming or surging liquids
  • Paints
  • Agitated fluids
  • Varnishes
  • Sewage handling
  • Heavy oils
  • Dirty liquids
  • Liquids with solids.

Agency Approvals :




ll 2G Ex d llC T6 Gb, flameproof enclosure

II 1G Eex ia IIC T6, intrinsically safe

CCE *explosion proof and intrinsically safe FM

Class I, Div. 1,Groups C & D

Class II, Div. 1, Groups E,F & G, Type NEMA 7/9


Non-Hazardous area

Explosion proof area-

Groups B,C,D,E,F & G Type NEMA 4X/7/9


Ex d IIC T6


Lloyds Register of Shipping (marine applications)

Russian Authorisation Standards Other approvals are available, consult factory for more details

* For CCE approved units, use the ATEX model numbers. Consult factory for proper model numbers and classifications.

Principle of Operation :

Standard Controls

Operation is based upon simple buoyancy, whereby a spring is loaded with weighted displacers which are heavier than the liquid. Immersion of the displacers in the liquid results in buoyancy force change, which moves the spring upward, Since the spring moves only when the level moves on a displacer, spring movement is always a small fraction of the level travel between displacers, A magnetic sleeve, is connected to the spring and operates within a non-magnetic barrier tube, Spring movement causes the magnetic sleeve to attract a pivoted magnet , actuating a switch mechanism , located outside the barriers tube. Built-in limit stops; prevent over stroking of the spring under level surge conditions.

Proof-er* controls

The purpose of the Proof-er* is to check the operation of a displacer control without having to raise the level in the tank. This is accomplished by pulling downward on the Proof-er* cable. This causes the spring loaded lever arm to lift the switch actuator, simulating a high or high high level condition. When the cable is released, the Proof-er* returns the actuator to its previous position to resume normal operation.