By from us rotameter to measure fluid’s volumetric flow rate enclosed in a tube. The flow rate is measured by just gravity and properties of fluid. Different models of this simple device is available for purchase.
Level Indicator
Level indicator is a measuring device that indicate the accurate level of fluid in any container, from drum to tank. This indicator can be incorporated into the existing system with ease.
Level Switches
Customers can trust us for buying different types of level switches, such as conductivity type and displacer type. Based on the installation type, we supply both, top mounted and side mounted level switches.
Sight Glass Indicator
Sight glass indicator is a level gauge which can indicate the level of the liquid, whether water, oil or any other. This device is durable, efficient and environmentally safe.
U Tube Manometer
Notable for its tube shaped appearance, U Tube Manometer is used for precise measurement of atmospheric pressure. This powder coated instrument consists of PVC scale with required marking, borosilicate glass made metering tube.
Orifice Flange Assembly
Orifice Flange Assembly is used during pipeline drilling work. This low maintenance flange assembly contains a set of flanges with weld neck design, jack screw, gaskets, bolt, orifice plate and plug.
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Working principle of Electromagnetic Flow Meter depends on Faraday’s law of induction. It uses in built electromagnetic coil for generation of powerful magnetic field to measure flow of liquid without any pressure loss.
Level Gauge
Level Gauge is used for determining precise level of fluid stored inside process tank. This low maintenance measurement solution can be operated under different temperature, pressure and vibration prone working conditions.
Full View Sight Glass
Full view sight glass is a sight flow indicator which can be monitored from 360-degree in order to keep a watch on material flowing through a line. Available in different sizes, this device is composed of different material for its end connections, lens, seal, studs, etc.