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Flowtech make Transparent Level Gauges employ two transparent glasses fitted with a liquid chamber on either side. The liquid level is indicated as a result of difference in the transparent properties of the two media. For water / steam applications, an illuminator is mounted on the rear side of the gauge with its light rays deflected upward into the water column. This enables the observer to see illuminated surface of the water as the light rays impinged on the surface of separation between water and steam are reflected back to the eye of the observer.


A part from glass tube level gauges, transparent level gauges are always fitted with two plate transparent glasses between which the fluid is contained. The fluid level is indicated as the result of the different transparency of the two media and in some cases (for water steam), by conveying upwards on to the surface of separation (between liquid and gaseous substances) a source of light located at the back of the gauge, the rays of which are totally reflected down to the observer.


Transparent level gauges are suitable for almost all installations. In fact they permit:

  • the use of mica shields or Poly trifluorochloroethylene shields to protect the glass from the corrosive action of the process fluid
  • the observation of interface
  • the observation of the liquid colour



Flowtech make Reflex Level Gauge is designed for liquid level indication in vessels under high pressure & temperature conditions. These Reflex Level Gauges are widely demanded in various pharmaceuticals and other industries due to their high performance and longer service ability in the domestic as well as international market.


Reflex glass level gauges working principle is based on the light refraction and reflection laws. Reflex glass level gauges use glasses having the face fitted towards the chamber shaped to have prismatic grooves with section angle of 90°. When in operation, the chamber is filled with liquid in the lower zone and gases or vapors in the upper zone; the liquid level is distinguished by different brightness of the glass in the liquid and in the gas/vapor zone. The reflex level gauges do not need a specific illumination: the day environmental light is enough. Only during the night an artificial light must be provided.


Reflex glass level gauges can be used in most of the cases and offer great advantages in terms of: low initial cost, low operating cost, easy level reading. Reflex level gauges cannot be used in certain cases as for example:

  • when the separation level between two liquids has to be read (interface)
  • when besides the level indication, the observation of the liquid colour is required
  • when the process fluid is high-pressure water steam, since in this case the glass must be protected from the solvent action of the boiler water by using mica shields
  • when the process fluid is such that can corrode the glass (e.g. high temperature alkaline solutions or hydrofluoric acid), since ica shields or Poly Trifluorochloroethylene shields must be used to protect the glass


  • Type : Reflex / Transparent
  • Visibility : Full Visibility / Partial Visibility
  • Liquid Chamber : Carbon Steel, S.S.304, S.S.304 (L), S.S.316, S.S.316 (L), P.P
  • Cover Plate : Carbon Steel, S.S.304, S.S.304 (L), S.S.316, S.S.316 (L), P.P
  • Gasket : CAF, PTFE, Graph oil, Other On request
  • Glass : Borosilicate Toughened of Indigenous  Temperature Range up to 125°C, Klinger / Maxos Make Temperature Range Up to 400oC, other on request
  • Fasteners : Alloy Steel, S.S.304, S.S.316, Other on request
  • Isolation Valve : Screwed OR Auto Shut of ball check Isolation valve
  • Process Connation : From 15mm to 65mm Flanged/ Up to 25mm Screwed/ Socket Weld Other on Request
  • Connection Orientation : Top  Bottom Vertical, Side  Side Right , Side  Side Left , Side  Side Back , Other on Request
  • Vent / Drain : Plug, needle Valve, Ball Valve. Other on Request.
  • Accessories : Frost- Free attachment for avoiding ice formation on glasses & clear Visibility.


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